How has this service helped you?
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I have been a client of Alondra Chatman since 2013 and she always talked about
nutrition is the key. She believes in teaching her clients how to eat to lose body fat and
not depend on meal replacement shakes and diet pills. Learning how to eat is
something I never learned as a child. I did not learn about nutrition until I became an
adult. I was unaccustomed to the natural flavors in the foods and always wanted
sweet, and fatty foods in my daily diet.

Last year I committed to train for my second bodybuilding competition. This time, I
wanted to maintain a social life. The first time I competed it was difficult with trying to
meal prep, do homework (Yes, I am in school full-time) and work. I was referred to
Alondra by another client and this has been the best thing for me. It is so convenient
and I don't have to shop for food and then go home prepare. Also not knowing all the
proper food to already prepared helps tremendously.

Not only is this convenient, but the food is HEALTHY and it taste GREAT!!! She
seasons the food with herbs which enhance their naturally delicious flavors.
Everything taste great from the proteins to all the side dishes. The first week I ordered,
I had to control myself to only eat my set portion and not go back for more. I’m learning
through her completing my meal prep how to select and prepare healthy foods in
order get the most flavor. It is worth the investment in my health.

Denise D.

am excited about Lemon, Lime & Thyme. It has helped me tremendously to stay on
track, especially during busy weeks when I am not able to prepare a healthy and
nutritious properly portioned meal.  Often I am very busy over the weekends as well -
too busy to prep my meals for the week to come and LL&T has taken the stress factor
of not having done so AWAY!.

The flavors of the natural herbs and spices have inspired me to experiment more on
my own when prepping my food.

Thank you Alondra for being a blessing to so many people including myself, by
walking in your God given gift to help people get healthy through fitness and good
eating habits.

You ARE a Blessing!
Denise V.

When I was planning to begin competition prep for the third time, I knew I needed a
new game plan.  In addition to weight training and cardio, eating the right food at the
right time is a critical component to a successful process. Shopping for, cooking,
weighing and packaging food took up a lot of time and I wasn't sure I was going to be
able to juggle it all while working full time.  Enter Alondra and Lemon, Lime and

Once a week, I picked up my meals.  The selections and portion sizes were tailored to
meet my training goals. And everything was SO GOOD!! I never knew that clean eating
could be so tasty! When I did my own meal prep for previous competitions, the food
was bland, boring and repetitive. By the end, I was SO sick of eating chicken and fish!  
With Lemon, Lime and Thyme, I always looked forward to meal time! There was
always a variety of foods prepared a variety of ways. It was so good, it felt like I was

When I finished my third competition, I knew I needed help transitioning into
maintenance mode.  After my first two competitions, I ate everything in sight and
ended up regaining all the weight that I lost.  This time, I wanted to make sure all the
work I put into sculpting my body didn't go to waste again. I continued using Lemon,
Lime and Thyme to stay on track.  It's easy and convenient and so, so, SO good!!

Tamesa R.

What would I do without Lemon, Lime, and Thyme??? With my limited time, it is
SUPER convenient to just grab my 3 pre-packaged containers, enjoy a DELICIOUS
meal, and get back to my busy day.  Being a pescatarian, it's hard to find food prep
services that have as many options that taste so amazing as Lemon, Lime, and
Thyme.  I'm hooked and getting healthy at the same time!

Kelly T.